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The automated PC-controlled pneumatic tube systems (PTS) in medical institutions are used for operative delivery of analyses, sterile materials, preparations, tools and also documents between admission department, laboratory, operating theater, pharmacy, reanimation, wards, administration. In modern conditions PTS is an integral part of medical centre work for fast maintenance and safe delivery of materials diverse in a building

TranspoNet pneumatic tube system is designed for healthcare, industrial, retail and commercial applications. Hundreds of systems are in daily use worldwide.

The TranspoNet PC control oversees the system operation as well as system supervision. A wide variety of programming options enable easy system configuration acording to the customer's needs. The advanced system options include transaction history, arrival notification (SMS, Telephone, Pager or Email), maintenance history, and automatic carrier return.

TranspoNet System Features

 - TranspoNet-Control - Intelligent system control with travel monitoring (Info-view, Detail-view, Monitor-view)

 - TranspoNet-Print - Printing of transaction statistics

 - TranspoNet-SuperVision - Visualisization and analysis of system data

 - TranspoNet-Messenger - Carrier arrival notification

 - TranspoNet-Carrier-Return - Increased system capacity for constant availability of carriers

 - TranspoNet PowerLine - Ability to cross long distances between buildings and to increase transaction frequency

 - TranspoNet-Scheduling - Options include ability to prioritize transactions, detour and segregate transactions

TranspoNet Optimizes Material Flow

The TranspoNet air tube system provides an automatic, optimized material flow with a short return on investment, and efficient and dependable delivery of critical items. TranspoNet relieves personnel of manual transport tasks and returns staff time to other useful activities. The system is always available for use day or night.

TranspoNet Healthcare Applications

TranspoNet is applied primarily in hospitals and health system networks. The pneumatic tube system is designed with a complex system of tubing within buildings and between structures. The system greatly reduces unproductive manual transport of highly sensitive items such as specimens and blood plasma. The system also reduces the exchange of contaminated air between stations.



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