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Healthcare - monorail system

Track vehicle system combines the principles of a tube system with the advantages of a container conveying system. This combination allows transport of items with heavier weight and higher volumes, along with faster access and cost-effective processes that benefits the transporting of mail, files, bank receipts, insurance data, computer files and small goods. The monorail system can transport items weighing10 kg (22 lbs) and reach speeds up to 1 meter/second (3.2 feet/second).

The modern hospital depends upon fast and reliable transport of critical patient-care items between department stations. Monorail system has containers for the transport of blood and laboratory specimens. Other hospital applications include transport of X-rays, documents, pharmaceuticals, and stored blood. Monorail system is also ideally suited for an environment where infection control and patient safety is critical. Because of its 24-hour a-day availability, Monorail system contributes significantly to cost reductions through an optimized hospital logistics process.

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