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Track vehicle system combines the principles of a tube system with the advantages of a container conveying system. This combination allows transport of items with heavier weight and higher volumes, along with faster access and cost-effective processes that benefits the transporting of mail, files, bank receipts, insurance data, computer files and small goods. The monorail system can transport items weighing10 kg (22 lbs) and reach speeds up to 1 meter/second (3.2 feet/second).

Modern libraries need to quickly and efficiently access a large volume of books and other materials. The application of automated material transport systems relieves the manual staff tasks while accelerating the movement of material. SIS ENGINEERING systems accelerate automatic book sorting, returns and reduce wait time considerably.

The monorail system is a flexible rail-mounted document transport system with a network of aluminum track with contact rails for power and control communications. Other elements of the system include curves, bends, straight rails and switches. Routes consist of horizontal, vertical and looping track. The combination of light weight and minimal space requirements enables the system to be installed in suspended ceilings, and in stairways in old and new buildings. System can be modified for almost any transport task required in libraries.


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